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The artists' group „zenit&nadir“ was established in 2006. From the outset the focus was to bring specific sounds to specific spaces and their surroundings. Image and sound footage was collected at and inspired by the location. At first the means of expression were limited to veejaying and not only electronic but also analog generated livemusic. Further works were commissioned by museums, openings and festivals in Stuttgart, Riga and Strasbourg. During this time there was a close partnership between the former gallery „fluctuating images“ in Stuttgart and „zenit&nadir“. On behalf of this gallery „zenit&nadir“ participated in screenings, performances and in 2007 the series of events called „exploring party – Party als Kunst“ at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart. Especially for this occasion we developed a performance, which dealt with the area of tension between sound and movement. In advance we produced a video with sequences of movements, which was then triggered via two drummers on there kits using a special software. The rhythm of the video was influenced by the drums and the content of the video was determined by pre-selected sequences of the footage.

Since then the combination of movement, video and sound/livedrums is significant for our work, because it widens our forms of expression. A further development arose, when we generated the components of our performances, not only through fragments of the surrounding areas, which are collected at the space of events, arranged, dissembled and put together again for the performance, but also through historical incidents, which were up-to-date then and still are. That's what happened for example in 2009 in our stage production „contain – Leben in 33m³“ which premiered at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, formerly a warehouse for steel called „Rheinstahlhallen“ in which a container village for asylum seekers was installed during the Balkan Civil War, which was then the basis of the content for the piece. This stage performance emerged through work in progress based on extensive research.

Furthermore we developed a new project called “Mad Woman’s Vision” which is dealing with the area of tension between sound and feeling. With this music project we want to pose questions, which each and everyone can answer for themselves. Simply that which happens offers a possible answer. „What you feel is richer than what you know“, this idea in the performance leads to the emergence of a freedom to personally define your space within it. This music project was presented the first time in the course of the exhibition “TRANS-FORM-A(k)TIONS-PROZESSE” at the gallery “KUNSTBEZIRK” in Stuttgart in April 2011.


zenit&nadir | visual sound performance

Alexandra Mahnke
Aleksandar Nesic


zenit & nadir - visual sound performance - stuttgart